BabyBonk Community Roadmap

Phase 1: Organize

  • Gather the BabyBonk community in a Telegram away from Devs
  • Establish a telegram, and X presence
  • Gain control of social links on Birdseye
  • Host space to gauge wants/needs of BabyBonk Community
  • Gain control of social links on Dexscreener

Phase 2: Strategize

  • Create a Community multi-sig wallet for marketing/listings
  • Launch a small/exclusive series of NFTS. All proceeds will go into multisig community wallet for marketing/listings

Phase 3: Optimize

  • Big social media marketing including but not limited to, Twitter, YouTube, and Telegram.
  • Update Dextools
  • Listing in CG
  • Listing in CMC
  • Listing in Jupiter

Phase 4: Legitimize

  • Listing in Cex's
  • ‘Build On Baby’
  • Launch Roadmap 2.0

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