Our Story

Discover the journey of BabyBonk and the vibrant community behind it.

BabyBonk was launched on Sol on November 27th 2023 and saw immediate success. Even though everyone loved the baby, the original developers decided to abandon it. What kind of sicko abandons a baby? The good news is that the contract is revoked, the LP is burnt, and there is 0% tax. In short, the devs are OUT.

Thankfully, a passionate community has stepped in to adopt the baby and spread the message of BONK's son! We are organizing, we are winning, & we are saving the babies.

What makes the $BabyBonk community so special?

  • Grow the TG from 0 to over 700 members as of today
  • Organize & create social channels, including this website
  • Pool funds to get @birdeye_so listing and save people from the old devs
  • Grow the LP on Raydium by 8X
  • Sponsor airdrops & giveaways
  • Get our X profile verified as the official BabyBonk page
  • Adopt millions of babies along the way

By far, our biggest accomplishment is that we're still here. Most community takeovers die in hours, we're not going anywhere.

Big Things are Coming!

Our goal is to be the #1 community-owned token. People have already started to notice. Community members are pitching in on initiatives, giveaways, art & more! It's been amazing to see the passion that the BabyBonk community has for Bonk's Son.

We will adopt every single baby, full stop.

Join the Telegram & shoot us a follow on X to stay up to date with everything going on with the project.